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Real Estate Junk Removal & Clean-Out

Preparing a house for sale can be a time-consuming, arduous process. But removing any junk and debris inside doesn’t have to be. We got a call to clear this house of debris and put 9 of our professionals on the task. Scroll through this post to see the stark difference before and after our crew arrived.

The basement below was just one of 4 floors that had to be cleaned out.

junk removal basement beforebasement junk after


This is one bedroom that had plenty of junk just like the others.

bedroom junk removalbedafter


Here is the 3rd floor. It took 10 trucks to remove all this junk. That’s 135 cubic yards!

attic junk removal upstairsafter


We couldn’t forget about the garage — the most notorious place for collecting junk!

garage junk removal After


Our crew was hard at work getting rid of everything so this house could be put up for sale. It took 8 hours to complete, but they got it done.

movingstuff truckloadduring
Our crew at workLoading the truck


This is a look into one of the 10 trucks it took for the job.


At the end of it all, the sun was out, the house was cleared, and we had plenty of junk to haul away and recycle! That’s a good day.


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