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JUNK Relief Hoarding Help

Most of us are aware of what hoarding is from popular tv shows showcasing hoarders and their quest to rid themselves of the disease and mental strain it causes them. Hoarding occurs when someone is not able to throw away or part with any material possessions due to an emotion or fear that can overtake them. Whether it is broken furniture, used papertowels or old food, they cannot fathom the idea of getting rid of it. They form ideas and reasons in their head for keeping these things and they feel it is completely reasonable to do so. Unfortunately it can cause stress to the one hoarding and their family. In severe cases a city or landlord will even threaten eviction if nothing is done to clean up the property. These situations, of any level, or extremely difficult for those closely involved.

JUNK Relief has been helping those people and family for many years now. Their trusted, professional crew works closely with the family to make sure the person hoarding gets help they need while we go through the home and begin the long process of cleaning. While going through belonging they are sure to put aside anything of actual value or purpose and have family members decide if they should be kept or not. At the end of the time with the family we leave them with a clean house and a fresh start for them and their loved ones.

Give JUNK Relief a call and see how we can help you with a hoarding situation.


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