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Scenario 1: Anne just moved into a new home. After the hustle and bustle of the big move, she realizes she needs dispose of a large fridge and oven that was left over from the previous owners. The items are already out in the driveway and she does not have the time to wait for someone to come meet her and pick them up.

She calls 1-312-800-1940 and makes an appointment for the junk removal team to come while she’s at work. When she gets home later that day, the appliances are gone and she is able to call and pay her bill over the phone. No mess, no hassle, and no waiting around.

Find out how JUNK Relief can haul away even the most awkward item in no time.

Scenario 2: John is a private contractor. He has a couple of his best guys working on a quick remodeling project. After the demolition, they have a large amount of unsightly debris sitting in the client’s driveway.

John calls 1-312-800-1940 and a team is able to get out there the same day, haul the trash and clean the site all within an hour. The junk is no longer on his customers driveway and they couldn’t be happier.

Find out how JUNK Relief can help support your construction or demolition junk removal needs while keeping your project on time and under budget.

Scenario 3: Ed is an office manager. His company is moving to a new location that is fully furnished. The old cubicles and office furniture need to be disgarded but there are hundreds of pieces. Needless to say, Ed has a big project on his hands.

Ed calls 1-312-800-1940 and has a manager visit the site to give him an estimate. By the next morning, Ed has a formal bid on his fax machine as well as a plan of attack for the removal.

Ed accepts the bid. JUNK Relief works with the building management on scheduling and insurance information, then executes the project to Ed’s satisfaction and leaves him with an invoice for the exact estimated amount.

Find out how JUNK Relief can help you with even the larges clean-out projects.

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