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Junk Removal for Commercial Property Managers in Chicago| JUNK Relief Chicago, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Elmhurst, NapervilleJunk Removal for Commercial Property Managers in Chicagoland

Although many consider junk removal to be a purely consumer category, we know that is simply not the case from our property management clients, and we have tailored services to effectively handle the challenges presented to commercial property managers. We currently work exclusively with several property management companies all over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to help them maintain, manage, and prepare their commercial properties for lease. 

We can handle the wide variety of your waste management needs in a timely fashion – whether to comply with local county or City of Chicago ordinances, or to help you speed up the sale and closing process. We have extensive experience managing commercial removals in a variety of property types including office buildings, retail stores, multifamily housing, medical centers/hospitals, schools, hotels, malls, vacant lots/empty land, and industrial warehouses/garages.

What We Offer:

Reliability and Expertise

Our reliable pickups compared to “the guy with the truck ” model will make your scheduling a breeze. We know you have project deadlines or emergency situations, so we manage our time accordingly. We train our crews to hit their arrival windows, and make your schedule their priority.

When looking at protecting your portfolio, it’s important that all aspects of the job are covered from a liability standpoint. Our teams and trucks are fully insured, and we can provide Certificates of Insurance when required so you can rest assured.  We are focused on completing the removal quickly, while taking care of your buildings using floor and wall protection for elevators, building hallways, and common areas.

We also understand the struggles that frequently arise from illegal ‘fly’ dumping and dumpster overflow. We’re here to help you avoid penalties from your current waste management company, City of Chicago, or your local jurisdiction with our fast response, on demand junk removal services in under 24 hours in most cases. 


Our teams can load a full 15 yard truck in under 2 hours, and we have a fleet of 15 cubic yard trucks ready to help you whenever you need us! 

We know businesses who are relocating or closing suddenly may leave the space with inventory waste, shelving or fixtures, electronics, or equipment on site, and need these things removed prior to the end of their lease. We are a full service solution for removal, hauling, and recycling, so that you have one specific vendor handling the entire project vs multiple vendors and more coordination on your part. 

We’re guessing a new tenant has no interest in paying for old items to be removed from the property. Ideally a new business signing a lease would like to see the property as a blank slate to start fresh whether they are hiring a contractor to do remodeling or working with the existing layout. We provide same-day or next-day service so that you can have the property ready for immediate lease.


As mentioned above, on a daily basis we are working on projects ranging from multifamily housing, large scale scheduled construction debris removals to clearing out fixtures and inventory waste taking a retail store back to a blank slate. We’re problem solvers at heart and we’re here to help you with your portfolio no matter the project. 

How Junk Removal for Commercial Property Managers Works:

Sun up to Sun Down Access

We’re proud to staff our email, phones, and text line fully from 7am to 9 pm because we know you are working those same, long hours, and may need us in an emergency. We also offer evening/end of day pick ups with advance notice based on your project schedule.

On Demand Service

We make it our priority to get your project done. We offer same/next day removal service so when you need it off the property, it’s gone! 

Zero Effort Pickups

We understand that your facilities and maintenance staff is limited, so think of us as your back up! We’re equipped to handle most removals off-site, providing you with before and after photos. 

Easy Invoicing

We when a project is completed, we can automatically invoice you or your client via Email, and provide before and after photos if necessary just let your Junk Expert know while scheduling. 

100% Accountability

We’re with you throughout the whole process start to finish. If there is any question about service quality or deliverables, we will make it right. 

Types of Junk Removal for Commercial Property Managers

  • Office Decommissioning
  • Capital Improvement and Renovation Projects
  • Commercial Storage Clean Outs
  • Multi-Family Housing Projects
  • Property/Building Clean Ups
  • Vacant/Empty Lot Clean Outs
  • Commercial Evictions and Clean Outs
  • Retail Store Closures
  • Facilities Waste Management
  • Warehouse/Industrial Clean Outs
  • Illegal ‘Fly’ Dumping and Dumpster Overflow

For immediate service we recommend calling (312) 800-1940 or Book Online and our Junk Experts in office will schedule a time that works for you. You can also fill out the form below with your project needs and we will call you shortly.

  • Project Details

  • Any additional details you provide will be added to the notes for the crew.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, jpeg.
      Upload your .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf files here. Three files max. Note: This form helps us provide a general project estimate. Our final price will be determined onsite and provided as a FREE estimate.

    If you still have questions, feel free to read the FAQs below specifically focused on furniture removal jobs.

    We require frequent or recurring service for large items that our waste management company will not handle, or have a long term proposal. Do you handle that type of pick up?

    Yes, we are fully equipped to handle recurring pickups and we’d be happy to discuss your needs. To learn more about our commercial removal services, please complete the form above and specify frequency and requirements. We will reach out shortly to help your solve your problem. 

    We own a vacant lot in the City of Chicago or suburbs, and people are illegally dumping on the property. Do you offer clean up services?

    Yes, we work with both property owners from both instate and out of state all the time to manage their vacant lots, cleaning up illegally dumped items to prevent further build up of trash and waste. We can usually get out to the property within 24 hours to remove the waste. 

    We are having a problem with dumpster overflow and illegal dumping in our dumpsters. Can you help?

    We help many of our clients avoid fines with their current waste management company and the City of Chicago by clearing excess waste from around dumpsters. The removal jobs range from furniture to simple overflow of trash. We are happy to help you keep your property clean and debris free.

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