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5/5 stars

“I am a professional organizer and was hired to clear out a house that was going to be put on the market for sale. The owner of the home no longer lived in the house. Everything had to either be put in storage for her, donated or hauled off. Every room was filled with books, magazines, cds, catalogs, unorganized papers, photographs, office supplies, an almost brand new car that had to be sold, and a garage that was totally filled up like the house. The first step was clearing out an off site storage unit which was filled with much of the same as the house but from many years back. came to assist with taking away everything that was going to be kept. The process in the house was going room to room, item by item, paper by paper and deciding what was to be put into storage, what needed to be shipped to relatives, what could be donated and what needed to be hauled away. Junk Relief came again on several occasions to take things out and made a difficult process much easier to manage.”

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