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Couch removal Naperville | JUNK Relief Chicago, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Elmhurst, Naperville

Chicago’s Expert Couch Removal Services

For the fastest guaranteed price estimate for your sectional or couch removal, please text photos of your old couch to a Junk Expert at 312-800-1940. We’ll be right with you!

Getting rid of an old couch can become a surprisingly difficult task without the right resources.

In the City of Chicago – as well as most surrounding suburbs – you can be fined by your garbage service or local jurisdiction for leaving an unwanted couch in an alley or curbside as they will typically not pick them up. Removing a couch on your own can be difficult if you do not have a vehicle, and down right dangerous without assistance to lift and remove the couch. If you live in an older building or home, you know how tricky it can be to navigate those older doorways and stairwells. Even if you are able to remove it yourself…where will you take it?

Make it easy on yourself (and your friends): Call us to pick up and remove that unwanted couch—or that unbelievably heavy sleeper sofa. We make sure that the only effort you have to worry about is texting us the photos and getting a guaranteed price estimate. From there, we will do the rest!

“This was a slam dunk decision. I only had 4 things to remove, but three of them promised to be real headaches: sleeper couch and a treadmill in the basement and a flat glass, 40-inch TV upstairs that had the density of a dying sun. Both sets of stairs have 90-degree turns and tight exit paths. These guys (Sergio and Noe) got it done. No drama. Just physics, geometry and old school strength…” – Steve N.

How Couch Removal works:

On the day of your pick up, we will text you during your arrival window and arrive fully prepared for any challenging situation with the proper tools and equipment. Don’t think it will fit through a doorway or down a stairwell? We will handle it! Our crew will quickly cut up or disassemble the couch – whatever is required to get the furniture out of your home. We’ll even clean up after we are done like we were never there! We always try our best to keep furniture intact, but for some jobs it’s safer for the rest of your property (walls, doors, and other furniture) to remove the old couch piece by piece.

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Couches We Pick Up

We can pick up your standard old couch, but also any variety of sofa or furniture that you need hauled away. Some other furniture items that we can take away are:

  • Chaise Lounge
  • Day Beds
  • Divan
  • Full-Size Sofas
  • Futons
  • Loveseat
  • Recliner Sofa
  • Sectional Couches
  • Settee Sofa
  • Sleeper Sofas (Sofa Beds)

Couch Removal Photos: Our Crews in Action

“Jr and Tye were awesome! They were communicative about their arrival time and very respectful and courteous. They took all of my furniture (even the couch that was to large for the doorway and took extra time to maneuver) and had smiles and laughs throughout the entire project.” – Tabitha B.

Text a photo or give us a call about your old couch, and a Junk Expert will help you make that old sofa disappear. Just call Junk Relief at (312) 800-1940 or Book Online to schedule your couch removal today!

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If you still have questions, feel free to read the FAQs below specifically focused on couch or sectional removal jobs.

I live outside of the City of Chicago, do you service my area?

We service all of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. On a daily basis we are completing jobs in local cities like Naperville, Evanston, and Orland Park. Feel free to Live Chat or call a Junk Expert, and they will gladly check your zip code to help you!

What do you do with the couches?

The couches we receive are inspected by our professional crews and sorted as we pick up. We donate as many of the couches we receive as possible, but it’s important to understand that pet damage, need for reupholstering, and other excessive wear/tear usually causes a couch to require proper recycling. You’re getting rid of the couch for a reason, right? For more info, take a look at our donation page

We don’t know how the couch fit through the doorway. Can you get it out?

We’re willing to bet that the house wasn’t built around the furniture. If it made it in, we can get it out! As mentioned above, even if this requires some creative disassembly, our crew of Junk Removal Specialists will navigate your furniture out of your home without damaging your walls or floors. 

The items are in the basement, 2nd/3rd/4th floor, etc… and they are REALLY heavy. Is that a problem and does this affect the price?

Stairs are no problem! Elevators, loading docks, and high rises are a breeze! We handle these jobs all the time, and the price we say is what you will pay regardless of the stairs or elevator situation. Just let us know in your text or on your call, and the Junk Expert will help you plan everything you need!

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