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Swing set removal before | JUNK Relief Chicago, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Elmhurst, Naperville

Chicago’s fastest swing set removal – make space in your backyard!

For the fastest guaranteed price estimate for your swing set removal, please text photos of your old swing set or play set to a Junk Expert at 312-800-1940 or email We’ll reach out shortly with details about your removal project. 

Have your kids outgrown your backyard and you’re ready to schedule a swing set removal? Or maybe you have an old play house that has turned into backyard storage and it’s seen better days? 

At Junk Relief, we can handle a lot more than just regular junk removal or garage cleanups! Our Junk Removal specialists are fully outfitted with tools for any junk removal project including that old swing set you need removed! Whether it’s junk taking up space in your home or your back yard, the bottom line is you just need it gone. We get it! 

We have seen everything from a single swing and slide to full wooden playground equipment and swing sets. We’re prepared to handle it all! 

How Swing Set Removal Works:

To get a guaranteed quote and the fastest available removal, send photos via text to 312-800-1940 or email and a Junk Expert will help you with all the planning and details. 

On the day of your pick up, we will text you during your arrival window and arrive fully prepared for the swing set removal with the proper tools and equipment. Our crew will quickly cut up or disassemble the swing set safely and then haul away the material in our 15 cubic yard trucks.

Usually the removal process can be fully completed over the course of a morning or afternoon and we aim to leave your backyard as a blank slate so new grass can grow, or you can build that shed you’ve needed for a few years. We even clean up after we are done like we were never there!

If you still have questions, feel free to read the FAQs below specifically focused on hot tub removal jobs.

I am outside of the City of Chicago, do you service my zip code?

We service all of Chicago and we remove a ton of old swing sets from backyards in the suburbs. On a daily basis, we are out working in local cities like Naperville, Winnetka, and Tinley Park. Feel free to call a Junk Expert, and they will gladly check your zip code to help you!

My swing set has other backyard structures near it, can you remove it safely?

Yes, normally other structures like a shed or fence aren’t a problem and we work around them carefully to ensure the swing set removal is done safely, while preserving what you’d like to save! Please text photos to 312-800-1940 and a Junk Expert will reach out to you shortly with a guaranteed price and details regarding your specific needs.

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