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Industrial junk removal

JUNK Relief constantly helps businesses declutter and maintain organization in their warehouses and industrial work spaces through our scheduled waste removal services. 

Whether it’s something as small as taking away unwanted packaging materials from your warehouse, to breaking down and removing a large piece of machinery (our largest to date was a 16-ton press, but we’re always looking to outdo ourselves), we have you covered. 

We are equipped to clean out entire warehouse facilities, no matter the size. Our personal record is 100,000+ sqft and problem solving is our specialty. Our warehouse and industrial junk removal services include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Palette removal and recycling
  • Packaging/shipping materials
  • Inventory waste
  • Expired product waste
  • Equipment/appliance removal 
  • Electronics and e-waste recycling
  • Liquidation waste
  • Complete warehouse/industrial office clean outs

Why Junk Relief?


We understand that timing is important. Your project has a deadline or your operations team needs a specific schedule. When you work with us it’s our deadline too. We will hit our arrival windows because we are in this together.


We are very familiar with working with commercial property managers and facilities managers to manage their projects effectively. We’re big enough to handle anything you can throw at us, but small enough to personalize projects to your needs. 


We can be in and out quickly. We can load a full 15 cubic yard truck in under two hours and are committed to sending back up when it’s needed to hit a deadline. 


We offer same day or next day pick ups in most cases, so if you have a project you need done in a pinch, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

Do you find your business needing weekly or monthly pick ups? Let us solve those problems for you with our industrial junk removal services! 

We would be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs, and how we can best assist you.

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