Junk Removal Specialists finish loading a junk removal truck fully packed with old furniture and junk | Chicago

How Does Junk Removal Work? Here’s the JUNK Relief Process

How Our Junk Removal Services Work
At Junk Relief we’re prepared to handle the job, no matter the size of your junk removal needs. We know that you’re busy and it’s easier if you have someone to help you juggle your to-do list. When you’re working with Junk Relief, it is as simple as picking up the phone or booking online. We’ve got you covered from there!

Step 1: Chat with a Junk Expert about your pick-up needs and details.

  • Fast –  Book online or Text photos to 312-800-1940 and a Junk Expert will call you in a few minutes with a quote and when we can stop by to pick up in the next 24 hours!
  • Faster – Live Chat – it’s right in the bottom right corner waiting for you and a real human Junk Expert is ready to help you! No chat bots in our office!
  • Fastest – Call us at 312-800-1940! A Junk Expert can help you out in a minute or two!

Step 2: Get a guaranteed quote.

We will stick to the number we say on the phone. We guarantee that the costs will never be more than our given estimate, as long as it’s the same items as your booking.

Last minute adjustments are no problem, and we will discuss price changes with you prior to beginning to work.  Learn more about our junk removal pricing structure and how we charge by volume.

Step 3: Our Junk Experts will solve all your issues and give you advice.

We know all the potential pitfalls of various removal scenarios and think them through so you don’t have to worry. We will advise you on your options, remind you to schedule elevators or gather insurance requirements, and we will even help you decide which new couch you want if you need the help. But really, you name it and we have got you covered.

Step 4: Pick up day.

Our crew of Junk Removal Specialists will text you when we’re on the way during your arrival window, so just have your phone handy!  On arrival, we will verify your Junk Expert’s guaranteed estimate with you before getting started so that we’re on the same page. If you approve the estimate, we will remove your junk immediately.

You don’t lift a finger other than to point to your junk removal items. We will do the rest…we are in and out fast, while being extra careful of your walls, floors, and other furniture. We will remove all of your junk or debris, and also, sweep the work site and process payment – but only when you are completely satisfied with the completed job. Our crew can take payment via cash, check, or credit card via the tablet or email an invoice for contactless payments.

Step 5: JUNK Relief!

Our customers find Junk Relief to be a feeling of pure relaxation in knowing your home or business is clear of unwanted items and clutter. At the end of the day, there’s no work for you to do and, best of all, no messy clean up! Thanks for working with us! We are happy to make you a customer for life!


If you’ve got junk in Chicago or the Chicagoland Suburbs, we can help. BOOK ONLINE, CALL US or TEXT US.

JUNK Relief’s Professional Removal Standards

We hold ourselves to the most professional standards, and our uniformed crew has a lot of experience with many different junk removal situations. From construction cleanup to getting rid of bulky household items, we have tackled it all.

With Junk Relief at your side, you can benefit from:

  • Fast, friendly, and professional service.
  • Fully-equipped junk removal teams.
  • Service area around Chicago and all Suburbs
  • No-obligation estimates.
  • Same/Next Day pick ups, 7 days a week
  • Rehoming, Recycling, and Eco-friendly disposal
  • Book online, Livechat, Text, or phone booking options.
  • Fully licensed and insured junk removal crews.
  • Expert removal services

Our crews take pride in every job they do and will work diligently to remove your junk and get your space cleared out. Our attention to detail, along with efficient removal practices and premier customer service, has made us Chicago’s top choice for any junk removal.

What Our Customers Say

We help individuals and businesses with proper disposal and recycling of building materials, furniture, and any other junk every day!


If you’ve got junk in Chicago or the Chicagoland Suburbs, we can help. CALL US or TEXT US or BOOK ONLINE.


OR CALL icon(312) 800-1940

Junk Removal FAQ’s

Long story short, we remove anything you can think of (really…we have removed 20,000 tires out of a swamp) and if we can’t help you ourselves, your Junk Expert will help with a referral to the proper company and point you in the right direction. We believe that if we’re unable to do the job, or it’s outside of our services, we are here to help you move forward in your planning.

Our company has used the challenges presented by COVID-19 to move forward improving our capabilities and junk removal service offering for you.

In most junk removal cases, we’ve found that virtual/photo estimates are the fastest way to get you a guaranteed price and keep all of us safe with the least contact. On large projects, we most likely will need to review the job site prior to pick up to offer the most accurate estimate.

Our Crews take the following precautions:

  • Wearing Masks and gloves as recommended by City of Chicago and CDC
  • Social Distancing – Our crew will forgo handshakes and keep themselves at a 6ft distance during the pick up.
  • Our crews are using hand sanitizer and disinfecting our trucks in between each pick up

Stairs…no problem! Elevators and high rises…our specialty! In 99% of scenarios, we will be able to handle these jobs without an additional labor charge. In those unique scenarios, we promise to discuss why and how labor charges would work to find a solution for you.

Our same philosophy of transparent, professional, zero effort junk removal applies. We are fully equipped to manage these types of removals on properties you manage or own. Please discuss the details with your Junk Expert, and they will help you with any additional details. We know these projects can be a challenge, but our goal is to have the junk removal completed so quickly and seamlessly, it’s like it wasn’t even on the to-do list.

We service the entire Chicagoland area. We have trucks all over the region daily and we are happy to help wherever you are.

If there’s a question, we will check your zip code and we will help you, or help you find a local solution.

As for the trip charges…what we say is what you pay, and there are no additional trip charges upon arrival for your junk removal pick up. We’re committed to upfront, honest pricing.

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or business – we service a wide range of customers in Chicago, and can understand the challenges that can come up in each area.

We have the manpower, the trucks, and the expertise to rid your home or business of the clutter. From furniture and appliance removal to making construction debris and industrial materials disappear, we’re no strangers to hauling away the items.

Our junk hauling fleet is fully prepared for all kinds of projects. Although we often work with construction companies, property managers, or real estate agents, we’ve also worked with thousands of homeowners across Chicagoland to remove all sorts of junk. Learn more about each of our specialty junk removal services:

You can count on Junk Relief to provide quality, expert service, and to exceed your expectations with junk removal. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch to find relief from all that junk!

A Junk Expert will reach out shortly to confirm your guaranteed price and get a plan for your removal!


If you’ve got junk in Chicago or the Chicagoland Suburbs, we can help. CALL US or TEXT US at (312) 800-1940.


OR CALL icon(312) 800-1940