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We charge by total volume and all labor, hauling, and HEAVY LIFTING is included with each project. It all depends on how much space your stuff takes up.

We always talk about prices beforehand, so there are no surprises, hidden fees, or extra charges. The best way to get a good deal and compare junk removal prices accurately is to know the price before your pick up and what’s included to avoid hidden fees.


When you get a quote from Junk Relief we will stick to that quote!

  • No changing the price upon arrival (unless you add/remove items – we’re happy to make day of adjustments if you find a few extra items while cleaning up or moving just let the crew know on arrival)
  • No hidden fees or trip charges
  • No hidden labor charges

Some companies might offer a quote, but then add additional fees…but with Junk Relief, We want to make your life easy! It’s all included in your quote from our Junk Experts.

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  • We will stick by our estimate range as long as it’s the same items you mention on your call for an estimate, in the photos you text us, or describe in the live chat conversation.
  • We will always confirm your junk removal price upon arrival before hauling anything away to make sure we’re on the same page.
  • If you have a larger project and we quote you a range above $1000, we will send you our volume pricing before we arrive and discuss our pricing with you so we’re fixing your problem together, not causing another headache. We believe in full transparency with our pick-ups and want you to be in the know.



Book online or Text photos to 312-800-1940 and a Junk Expert will call you in a few minutes with a quote and when we can stop by to pick up in the next 24 hours!


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Call us at 312-800-1940! A Junk Expert can help you out in a
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For most jobs the virtual estimates above will be the fastest, but for more complicated projects or blurry, unclear photos we may need to do an onsite estimate. Most of the time in these scenarios, we can arrange a same day junk removal with your approval. Just let your Junk Expert know during the call or conversation, and we can make coordinating an easy process for you!

After your initial conversation with our team you won’t have to worry about a thing, we’ll cover the rest and you will find Junk Relief!


If you’d like more helpful information, please continue reading our FAQs below.

After over 15 years of doing this we know that the number one complaint about other junk removal companies is the lack of transparent, clear pricing prior to the pick up. We want everything from your initial conversation to the day of pick up to be as easy and enjoyable as possible, because we know quite often while we’re doing the removal you’re juggling family, life, or business!

No matter how it’s branded or broken down 95% of junk removal businesses charge by volume. Cubic yards are the standard unit of measurement that the waste industry uses when discussing volume and as a simple rule of thumb, the more large items (total cubic yardage volume) you have the more you should expect to pay.

For an easy reference in estimating your pick up – a cubic yard (1 yd3) is a little larger than the average size of a washing machine or a stove.

We use a 15-cubic yard truck (8ft x 10ft x 5ft), and our rates are based on how much room your unwanted items take up in our trucks. Imagine moving, hauling and recycling one washing machine, seven washing machines (half of our trucks), and then finally 15 washing machines (roughly a full truck) and consider the weight, time, and challenges and the price rising gradually as you move up the scale to a full truck. It’s really that simple!

Junk removal trucks come in all shapes and sizes, and we want to make sure you get the best value for your money.  We encourage you to compare junk removal prices by cubic yard and the service quality of the business, not by the truckload, item count, or other methods that can inflate the price.

We will work with you to remove the items you need and pack our truck as tightly as possible to minimize your bill. Think of it like this during your junk removal appointment: we’re playing tetris with your couch, coffee table, and the old lamp, or maybe it’s a pile of construction debris you need cleaned out of the back yard.

We’re going to put the coffee table on the seats of your couch and fit the lamp inside, taking ½ the space!

We believe in exceptional service and at a fair price…and we will do our best to keep cost down for you.

We are so proud to hear this question about our crews hard work! At Junk Relief, tipping is not required, but it is greatly appreciated by our crews! We suggest that if you feel like our work goes above and beyond, you can mention a tip while checking out, or you can call our office at 312-800-1940 to add a tip if they have already left the job site.

Tips usually depend on the size and difficulty of the job, and the tip value is really is up to your judgement. Typically, we see tips similar to other service industries such as restaurants or barbers/hair stylists.

If you think the Junk Removal Specialists did a great work and you end up adding a tip – Thank you! We greatly appreciate it from Junk Relief Team!

Please just mention the tip value you’d like to add prior to payment (cash, check, or credit/debit card are accepted) and they can add it to the bill. If for some reason they aren’t able to add the tip onsite, just call a Junk Expert at 312-800-1940 and we can help you over the phone!

There can be exceptions to this structure if we’re working on a special project. In those instances, we may factor in weight, location, or extra labor accordingly. You will always be advised of that before we start working.

  • Large quantities of bricks or concrete may top out the weight limit of our trucks and incur a weight surcharge
  • Hoarding situations with intensive sorting for personal items or moving of items may require additional labor.
  • Large projects such as cleaning out an office building or warehouse with large amounts of furniture/equipment disassembly may require labor adjustments

An easy way to do this is to find the rough length x width x height in feet and our experts can calculate the rest for you! We’ll get you a guaranteed quote over the phone and then verify the price with you before removing any junk!

We’re professionals so when you get an estimate from our Crew, there’s no obligation or pressure to work with us. We hope you think we’re the best solution, but if you need to shop around, shop around because we’re confident if you’re looking for a fair price, top notch service, and amazing experience you’ll choose us and we’re excited to help you!

You can always rely on Junk Relief to quickly and professionally remove the clutter from your home or business.

Book online below and a Junk Expert will reach out shortly to confirm your guaranteed price and get a plan for your removal!

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We help individuals and businesses with proper disposal and recycling of building materials, furniture, and any other junk every day!


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