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Junk Removal Pricing & Rates

JUNK Relief is built around honest, upfront pricing and fast, friendly, and professional service. We know that junk removal trucks come in all shapes and sizes, but we want to make sure you get the best value for your money. This is why we encourage you to compare prices not by the truckload, but by cubic yard when it comes to determining the scope of your junk removal needs.

Charging By Volume

We use a 15-cubic yard truck (8ft x 10ft x 5ft) and our rates are based on how much room your unwanted items take up in our trucks.

The exception to this rule occurs when we happen to be working on a project that involves special circumstances. In those instances, we may factor in weight, location, or extra labor accordingly.

Why Cubic Yards?

This is the standard unit of measurement that the waste industry uses when discussing volume. We’re occasionally able to make an educated guess over the phone based on your description, but the best way for us to give you an exact quote is to actually see the junk that needs to be removed.

Below is some information about typical items and their approximate dimensions in cubic yards that might help give you a better understanding of how much volume you have:

Approximate Cubic Yardage Per Item

  • Stove: 0.75
  • Loveseat: 1.25
  • Three-Cushion Sofa: 1.75
  • Two-Door Refrigerator: 1.75
  • MINI Cooper: 11.5
  • Ford Taurus: 20
  • Lincoln Navigator: 27.5

Knowing how much cubic yardage of junk you have to be hauled away will allow us to give you a more accurate price point for the project. Of course, we also confirm the cost with you once we’re there in person—and before we start any work.

Free, No-Obligation Estimates

You can rely on JUNK Relief to quickly and professionally remove the clutter from your home or business. Our estimates are free and don’t require any obligation. Contact us through the form below to get started on clearing out your unwanted junk!

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