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Do you or a loved one need help with a hoarding clean up and you’re not sure where to start? Our Junk Experts are here to help, no matter the situation.

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Call on Us for Hoarding Clean Up Services When Faced with a Loved One’s Hoarding Situation

If you have a loved one with a hoarding situation and a home that needs to be cleaned and prepared for sale, we encourage you to call us.

For the fastest answers to your questions, please call 312-800-1940 and text photos if possible. Our team will be in touch with you shortly for a no commitment consultation.

Although TV networks consider hoarding a source of entertainment, we understand that it is a serious and stressful situation for you and your family. We are proud to offer kind, respectful help for hoarders and their families. We are sensitive to the stress and time pressures you’re under, and we do everything in our power to make the hoarding clean up process as smooth and painless for you as we can.

The first thing you should know is that we’ve seen everything. Nothing is going to surprise us or deter us from helping you, and we are going to be compassionate to what you’re going through. Our mission is to get the home cleaned up ASAP so it’s off your plate. We take pride and feel rewarded knowing our hoarding clean up services are making a difference to you and your family and helping you have one less thing to worry about in a stressful situation.

At the same time, we recognize that you may want to sort through your loved one’s belongings for family heirlooms, antiques, or sentimental items. We are here to work with you, taking as much time as you need to clean the property. We aim to leave the property swept and as clean as possible, so the property is ready for your next steps.

We fully understand that every project is unique and our team works to ensure that we have crews, project managers, and trucks to be able to adjust to your specific needs and help you through the process.

In some cases, it may be helpful to provide a list of the items you’re looking for. As we conduct the clean-out, we’ll be on the lookout for those belongings. We are able to categorize and place important furniture items aside so your family can save them.  Our crews are thorough and they genuinely care about the work they do in cleaning up your property.

Would you like to know how much hoarder cleaning services are going to cost? Request a free, no-obligation estimate.

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Types of Hoarding Clean Ups We Can Help With

  • Home Cleanout
  • Estate Cleanout
  • Basement Cleanout
  • Garage Cleaning
  • Storage Unit
  • Outbuildings
  • Crawl Space

What Our Customers Say

We help individuals and businesses with proper disposal and recycling of building materials, furniture, and any other junk every day!

Hoarding Clean Up Before

Hoarding Clean Up
Dining Room

Hoarding Clean Up After

Hoarding Clean Up
Dining Room

Give Us A Call About Your Appliance

If you’re facing a loved one’s hoarding situation, call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. You can also book your estimate appointment online.

Or if you’re ready to begin the clean up, we make it easy to schedule:


If you still have questions, feel free to read the FAQs below specifically focused on hoarding removal jobs

We service all of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. On a daily basis, we are cleaning out homes in local cities like Naperville, Skokie, and Schaumberg. Feel free to Live Chat or call a Junk Expert, and they will gladly check your zip code to help you!

Our same philosophy of transparent, professional, zero effort junk removal applies. We are fully equipped to manage these types of removals on properties you manage or own, please discuss details with your Junk Expert, and they will help you with any special arrangements. We know these projects can be a challenge, but our goal is to have the junk removal completed so quickly and seamlessly, it’s like it wasn’t even on the to-do list.

While we can’t promise we will find items of value or other specific items during the clean out, let us know and we will do our best to work as a team to sort through the property and identify any items you might want to save.

Typically our 2 person crews can load a 15 cubic yard truck in roughly 2 hours, and we are capable of sending multiple trucks and crews to finish the job in the time available based on your project needs. We are familiar with working on jobs that require the removal to be organized and completed on a schedule or before closing deadlines.

If you have a large job, we simply ask for as much advance notice of the project as possible, and we will work with you to find a solution that gets the job done by your deadline.

We have seen it all. Really, we have seen it all. You can’t scare us, and we know how to appropriately handle challenging situations. All we ask is that you let your Junk Expert know when you book the estimate or job, and we will bring the proper equipment to handle the job.

Every property in a hoarding clean up is in a very different beginning state, but we make it our goal to clear all the items you need out. We will leave all the items you‘d like to keep organized. We will also leave the property swept and broom-cleaned to your standards. We will try to leave the property ready for professional cleaners to come in and prepare the home for sale.


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