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Estate Clean out |
We handle estate, home, rental and garage clean outs.

Estate Clean Out Service from JUNK Relief

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When a loved one passes or moves out of their home after many years, we know that the responsibility falls to you to handle the estate clean out and prepare the home for sale. We take pride and feel rewarded knowing our estate clean out services are truly making a difference when helping you and your family during a difficult time.

A home or estate clean out like this comes at a stressful, emotional time. We fully understand this challenge. We are sensitive to what you’re coping with, and we train our Junk Experts and junk removal specialists to be understanding guides through the cleaning process.

Our mission is to help make the home clean out process as smooth and pain-free as possible. We will work to finish the estate clean out as quickly as we can to take that burden off your shoulders.

Our Estate Clean Out Service Matches Your Needs

We know you may be anxious to put this behind you. We also recognize that you may want to sort through your loved one’s belongings for family heirlooms, antiques, or sentimental items.

We will work at your pace, going as quickly or as slowly as you need us to. We have the crews and the trucks ready to be able to adjust to your specific needs.

In some cases, it may be helpful to provide a list of the items you’re looking for. As we conduct the clean out, we’ll be on the lookout for those belongings. In one case, we found a woman’s wedding ring and were able to return it to the family. While we can’t guarantee we’d be able to do that again, it’s a testament to how thorough our crews are, and how much they genuinely care about the work they do.

Out of Area Estate Clean Out Service

We know that sometimes these difficult events can be sudden and leave you without the time or ability due to restricted travel or resources to come to Chicago and manage the project in person. Regardless of where you are in the country, we are able to coordinate with you and your contacts so you can have the removal completed while you are off site. We are proud to be trusted by our clients to remotely and professionally handle a home or estate clean out to help them move forward.

I had the pleasure of meeting nine strong, kind, respectful and professional movers this morning. My good friend had died and I was responsible for getting her home ready for sale. Sergio, Ricky, Julius, J, Jesus, Chu, Jose, Michael and Carlos cleaned her home out in 1.5 hours. It was a beautiful whirlwind. I felt no stress. I felt relief. I left the home feeling emotionally better than I have in many months—facing her death and then preparing her estate…There was respect, kindness, and graciousness due to his leadership skills. I recommend them highly. You will be so happy, relieved, and satisfied.

– Janeen S.

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Types of Home Clean Ups We Can Help With

Not all of our home clean outs involve a family member. We are also called by homeowners who are ready to clean out their basements or garages after many years of accumulating stuff or by landlords whose tenants have left their rental units a mess. We can help with:

  • Estate clean up
  • Home clean out
  • Rental clean out
  • Garage clean out
  • Basement clean up
  • Garage clean out
  • Storage unit clean out
  • Outbuilding clean out

Estate Clean Out Before

Although the photos below are an extreme example of the estate clean ups we have done, rest assured that we can quickly, efficiently handle estate, rental and home clean outs of all sizes and scope.

Estate Clean Out After

Eric and Elias were fantastic. Kind, careful, efficient, on-time and well-priced. They even found my Dad’s lost Korean War dog tags amongst the junk—my mom was literally in tears. Thanks so much, guys!
– Elizabeth O.

If you’re in charge of a loved one’s estate, call us to schedule a no-obligation estimate. You can also book an appointment online.

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If you still have questions, feel free to read the FAQs below specifically focused on our estate clean out service.

Estate Cleanout Service FAQ

I am out of state and need an estate cleanout service, how does that work?

Our same philosophy of transparent, professional, zero effort junk removal applies. We are fully equipped to manage these types of removals on properties you manage or own, please discuss details with your Junk Expert, and they will help you with any details. We know these projects can be a challenge. Our goal is to have the junk removal completed so quickly and seamlessly, it’s like it wasn’t even on the to-do list.

Can you help us find sentimental or valuable items?

While we can’t promise we will find items of value or other specific items during the clean out, let us know and we will do our best to work as a team to sort through the property and identify any items you might want to save.

How long does a hoarding clean out take? How fast do you work?

Typically our two-person crews can load a 15 cubic yard truck in roughly two hours. We are capable of sending multiple trucks and crews to finish the job in the time available based on your project needs. We are familiar with working on jobs that require the removal to be organized and completed on a schedule or before closing deadlines.

If you have a large job, we simply ask for as much advance notice of the project as possible. JUNK Relief will work with you to find a solution that gets the estate cleanout job done by your deadline.

Do you remove hazardous materials, animals, waste, mold, bed bugs, etc. during an estate clean out?

We have seen it all. Really, we have. You can’t scare us. We know how to appropriately handle challenging situations. All we ask is that you let your Junk Expert know when you book the estimate or job. We will bring the proper equipment to handle the job.

What is the final home or estate clean up look like with JUNK Relief?

Every property in a home clean out is in a very different beginning state. We make it our goal to clear all the items you need out. We will leave all the items you’d like to keep organized. We will also leave the property swept and broom-cleaned to your standards. We will try to leave the property ready for professional cleaners to come in and prepare the home for sale.

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