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In light of recent events regarding COVID-19 our company is taking the following precautions:
  • Our crew will forgo handshakes and keeping themselves at a distance.
  • Our crews are using hand sanitizer on a regular basis.
  • We are disinfecting our trucks, ipads, clipboards, and touch points in our office on a daily basis.
We are also offering the following options. Please mention when booking:
  • No-touch payment option:
    • When booking, let us know you would like us to email an invoice.
    • Please pay the invoice via credit card as our crew is finishing up the pick up.
  • No-touch pick up option: 
    • When booking an appointment, please mention you would like to use our no-touch option. We will apply 10% off your pick up.
    • Please organize and move all of your items to a location outside your house or in your garage.
    • Our crew will arrive and, from a distance, provide a verbal quote (based on volume).
    • If you verbally approve the quote, the crew will remove the items immediately and email an invoice that is payable online.


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