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Loading construction debris onto truck | JUNK Relief Chicago, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Elmhurst, NapervilleScheduled Construction Debris Removal for Contractors in Chicago

At Junk Relief, we understand that your business needs reliability, professional service, and flexibility with same/next day service. That’s why we provide professional junk removal for contractors with the most competitively priced, fastest construction debris removal and disposal in the Chicagoland area.

We know the challenges you face as you complete your projects, and we aim to provide the following for all of our contractor clients so you can focus on your work.

What we offer:

Reliability and Expertise

We did a survey of our contractors and found that they continue to choose us again and again because of our reliable pickups compared to “the guy with the truck”. We train our crews to hit their arrival windows, and make your schedule their priority.

When you’re working on a high value project it’s important that all aspects of the job are covered from a liability standpoint. Our teams and trucks are insured, so you can rest assured. 

Finally, you can keep your team busy on high value work versus driving to the dump, and we will handle the debris and junk quickly and efficiently!


Our teams can remove an entire garage full of debris and be gone in under an hour! We have a fleet of 15 cubic yard trucks ready to remove as much debris as possible in one quick trip.


We frequently complete junk removal for contractors when space constraints limit the use of dumpsters. These jobs include:

Neighborhood projects with limited space for a dumpster due to parking or permitting limitations 

High-Rise condo renovations or office remodeling can create issues of space for the waste removal process slowing your project down. We’re familiar with freight elevators, loading docks, and hitting arrival windows so you don’t have to worry about the left over construction debris.

Jobs where you haven’t pulled permits for a project, so a dumpster sitting in the driveway just isn’t a viable option. 

Cost Savings Potential

Do you find yourself partially filling 10 or 15 yard dumpsters? By the time you pull permits and drop a box, you’ve not only cost yourself time, but also a similar amount of money. We understand that on some jobs a 30 yard dumpster is more competitive from a pure cost standpoint, but a lot of the time with remodeling work, we can do the job faster, easier, and at a similar price point. 

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How our Scheduled Construction Debris Removal Services Work:

Sun Up to Sun Down Access

We’re proud to staff our phones/text line fully from 7am to 9 pm because we know you are working those same, long hours and may need us in a pinch. We also offer evening/end of day pick ups with advance notice based on your project schedule.

On Demand Service

We make it our priority to get your project done, we offer same/next day removal service so when you need it off the job site, it’s gone!

Zero Effort Pickups

Your crew can put your debris in garage or somewhere out of the way and we will do the rest – All labor is included with our pick ups.

Easy Invoicing

We will remove construction or demo debris and automatically invoice you via Email.

100% Accountability

We’re with you throughout the whole process start to finish. If there is any question about service quality or deliverables, we will make it right. 

Types of Construction Debris we remove:

  • Carpet Removal
  • Drywall Removal
  • Wood Debris Removal
  • Cabinetry
  • Framing
  • Tile 
  • Countertops and Sinks
  • Drop ceiling
  • Plumbing Pipe Removal
  • Insulation Removal 
  • Fence removal
  • Building Material Recycling
  • Disposal of Construction Waste

We are also happy to offer services to prepare areas for remodeling, such as junk removal from a basement or clearing a shed. 

If you need debris picked up from a simple bathroom remodel or an entire house renovation, call (312) 800-1940 or Book Online and our professional crew will schedule a time that works for you. You can also fill out the form below with your project needs and we will call you shortly. 

  • Project Details

  • Any additional details you provide will be added to the notes for the crew.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, jpeg.
      Upload your .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf files here. Three files max. Note: This form helps us provide a general project estimate. Our final price will be determined onsite and provided as a FREE estimate.

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