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Junk Relief Does A Home Cleanout

At JUNK Relief we do a lot of home clean outs. Most of these can be very delicate situations as the circumstances behind them could be anything from an eviction to a death in the family. Sometimes it’s as simple as a family moving and leaving their old belongings behind for us to dispose of properly. In either case we handle these jobs with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

In the case of this specific job we were contacted by a homeowner who had some tenants leave their undesired belongings and mess behind when they moved out. At the owners request we also pulled up the carpeting in many rooms to allow him to get a jump start on some renovations and remodeling he planned on doing. Four of our hard working crew members came and in a couple of days the property was clean, rid of carpet, and ready for whats ahead. Now the homeowner has a clean slate for his renovations.

Have a property you need cleaned out? Give JUNK Relief a call for all jobs big or small.


Junk Relief Home Cleanout Video


Junk Relief Does a Home Cleanout

Junk Relief Does a Home Cleanout

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