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Eviction Cleanout

Dealing with the aftermath of an eviction can be a huge headache for landlords. Once a tenant is evicted, they often leave behind a huge amount of stuff – furniture, clothes, appliances, trash bags full of who knows what. 

As a landlord, you’re legally responsible for removing everything left behind on the property. And if you thought the eviction process itself was stressful, now you have to figure out how to clear out a fully furnished apartment or home.

This is where we can help you with full-service eviction cleanouts. We specialize in removing everything left behind quickly and efficiently after a tenant is evicted in Chicago and the suburbs. We also handle the entire process for you – from scheduling a time that works for you and bringing our trained crew and proper equipment to remove all items to leaving the unit completely cleared out and broom swept.

Eviction cleanouts can be overwhelming and time-consuming if you don’t have the right help. The volume of stuff tenants leave behind can be staggering. And most landlords simply don’t have the resources, manpower, or tools needed to discard large pieces of furniture or appliances. 

Let us take this major hassle off your hands. Our eviction cleanout service aims to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible for landlords.

Reasons Landlords Need Eviction Cleanouts

When tenants are evicted from a property, they often leave behind a huge amount of belongings and trash that landlords are then legally responsible for removing. This can become an incredibly stressful and overwhelming task for them to take on.

Once an eviction takes place, landlords will find that tenants frequently leave behind large furniture items like couches, beds, tables, and desks that fill up rooms. There are also often many smaller things such as clothing, cookware, appliances, and children’s toys that are left scattered about. 

Additionally, tenants tend to leave behind trash bags full of waste and unwanted belongings that landlords must clear out. The volume of possessions and garbage left behind after an eviction can be staggering, often requiring multiple truckloads to completely remove and dispose of everything.

Legally, landlords cannot simply lock up and abandon belongings after an eviction. They are required to notify tenants and follow a process for disposal possessions. This means that they may eventually face the daunting task of figuring out how to systematically sort through, transport, and discard all of the leftover furniture, clothes, appliances, and trash. If they fail to follow proper protocols, they could face legal repercussions.

For most of them, attempting to carry out a full eviction cleanout on their own is extremely difficult. They simply do not have access to the proper manpower, vehicles, tools, dumpsters, and physical ability to efficiently coordinate a large-scale removal. 

Taking on the manual labor of lifting heavy furniture, loading up trucks, and unloading at dump sites is backbreaking without a professional crew and equipment. And organizing multiple runs back and forth takes a tremendous amount of time that most landlords do not have to spare.

Additionally, if landlords do not correctly follow local guidelines and procedures for the removal process, they could be opening themselves up to potential legal issues. There are specific protocols that must be followed to protect landlords’ interests following an eviction. 

Without experience handling eviction cleanouts, landlords may misstep in how they catalog and dispose of tenants’ belongings. This makes hiring professional eviction cleanout services that know proper procedures very important. We suggest working with your legal team and/or property management team to handle the process according to your local jurisdiction regulations.

Companies like ours exist to help take this massive burden of the heavy lifting and hauling off the hands of landlords. With trained staff and proper equipment, we simplify the process and make eviction cleanouts quick, efficient, legally compliant, and stress-free. We have also written a more in-depth guide on professional junk removal services, which you can check out here.

Benefits of Junk Relief’s Eviction Cleanout Service

Junk Relief offers a comprehensive eviction cleanout service that removes the huge burden of clearing out a tenant’s belongings from landlords’ shoulders. Our eviction cleanout team handles the entire junk removal process for you from start to finish. We supply the manpower, tools, trucks, and efficiency to remove everything left behind on the property after an eviction takes place.

Our professional eviction cleanout service also provides other major benefits for landlords, such as:

Complete Removal of All Possessions

With Junk Relief you can trust that we will remove every last item left behind by the evicted tenants. Our team thoroughly sweeps each room, empties closets, clears debris from yards and leaves nothing behind. We supply all necessary tools and truck space so no belongings are too large or challenging for us to discard.

Flexible Scheduling Around Your Timeline

We understand the urgency after an eviction so we accommodate your schedule. You can book us on short notice, evenings or weekends. Whether you need same-day service or a cleanout done 6 months later, we will work around your preferred timeline. Just give us a call whenever you need the eviction cleanout completed, and we’ll make sure to accommodate your needs.

Legally Compliant Process Protects You

Our team is trained to follow your property managers protocols and guidelines when cataloging and removing tenants’ possessions and we will follow your directions to ensure the items are removed properly. We can also provide before and after images if requested for documentation.

Trained Staff & Proper Equipment

Our eviction cleanout crew has extensive experience and proper tools like box trucks, dollies, and lift gates to efficiently clear out all belongings. We supply everything needed so the cleanout is fast and smooth.

Fixed Pricing With No Hidden Fees

At Junk Relief, we strongly believe in providing our clients with upfront, honest quotes, with no hidden or unexpected fees. We know that transparency is key to building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Service Area

We provide comprehensive eviction cleanout services to landlords throughout the greater Chicagoland area. We are equipped to handle eviction cleanouts at different properties located within the following areas:

  • Aurora, IL

Pricing/Booking Information

The total cost of an eviction cleanout depends on several factors:

  • Size of the unit – Larger homes or apartments with more rooms and square footage will be more expensive. We charge by how much space we have to clear out and in the case of evictions labor to remove items from the property.
  • Amount of items being removed – More belongings and furniture means a higher cost. We estimate the volume and truck space needed for the removal.
  • Type of items – Most furniture items, appliances, and other junk are standard pricing. Heavy construction debris (large amounts of brick, cement, demolition material) can increase pricing due to weight limitations on our trucks, but typically this is a non-issue for these pickups.

Because each eviction cleanout is unique, we provide upfront, honest pricing estimates to landlords and property managers. We just need the address and details on how much needs to be cleared out. 

The average eviction cleanout costs can vary, but prices may increase for larger homes filled with possessions. We provide an all-inclusive upfront quote – there are no hidden fees later.

You can book and schedule a cleanout date through our website, by providing your property address and cleanup details.


After going through the eviction process, landlords are often left with the overwhelming task of clearing out all of the remaining possessions and belongings left behind by the tenant. Figuring out how to remove furniture, appliances, trash bags full of waste and personal items can quickly become a stressful headache.

Renting your own dumpsters, hiring laborers, safely transporting everything, and properly disposing of large volumes of leftovers is extremely difficult for landlords to coordinate. Taking on the manual labor of loading up trucks, lugging heavy items, and dumping everything legally and efficiently requires significant time, energy, and proper equipment that most landlords simply do not possess.

We offer an experienced, professional eviction cleanout service that removes this massive burden from landlords’ shoulders as our team handles every aspect of the eviction cleanout for you from start to finish. With our trained staff, fast service, upfront pricing, and legally compliant processes in accordance with your standards, we simplify what is usually an overwhelming process for landlords.

Our eviction cleanout crew supplies the necessary tools, truck space, and manpower to efficiently clear out even the largest volumes of belongings on tight timelines. We ensure every last item is removed and no debris is left behind.

If you have recently evicted tenants from a property in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs and are now facing the daunting cleanout process, contact us today for assistance. Visit our website to schedule affordable eviction cleanout services that reduce stress and provide complete removal. 

Our team looks forward to helping make your eviction cleanout smooth, legally protected, and as headache-free as possible!


Joe Weidman

Joe is a Chicago native, born and raised in Elmhurst. He founded Junk Relief more than 10 years ago and has worked with more than 20,000 homeowners and businesses throughout Chicagoland. His passion for starting a business in junk removal stemmed from seeing the need to do things differently. He prides himself on his company's model to provide unexpectedly professional service.


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