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Chicagoland’s Easiest Spring Cleaning Solution

Is social distancing and lockdown making you go a little stir crazy because of days cooped up inside? Would you like to spend more time in your backyard entertaining guests but can’t because of years of collected clutter taking up your deck or patio? Maybe you are moving homes and need a fast backyard clean up to close the sale, or you want to make a fresh start with a bit of spring cleaning after unnoticed hoarding all winter. 

The good news is, you don’t have to clear all your junk and rubbish on your own or hassle friends or neighbors because they happen to have a truck or trailer. A backyard clean up can be fast and affordable. Even better, you won’t have to lift a finger because our professional service will do it all for you. Plus, once they are done, they will go over the area to ensure that it’s tidy, spotless, and safe. 

There are plenty more benefits to hiring a professional backyard junk removal service. Read on to find out more about how you can reclaim your space. 

Remove that Overwhelmed Feeling

As professional Chicago junk removal specialists, the most significant issue reported by many of our customers is simply knowing where to start. When you feel overwhelmed with the size of the mess, it can be frustratingly and easy to throw in the towel before you even begin. 

After all, the junk isn’t going anywhere, and it can always wait until tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow never comes, and the trash pile grows until it grows into an unwieldy mess. 

Professional rubbish removal services don’t have any emotional investment in your pile of rubbish. One decently sized rubbish pile is as good as the next, and they will happily start at the beginning. In no time at all, you will see your big pile of overwhelming garbage shrink to nothing, and you once more can enjoy a clean, spare room or invite your friends over for a barbecue on your newly cleared back deck. 

Reclaim Your Space

Piles of rubbish and junk are unsightly, to be sure, and you can bet that your neighbors don’t appreciate the view. However, one of the most significant advantages to getting rid of your junk is to make room to turn that rubbish-strewn area into a more productive space. 

Maybe you’d like to convert it into a guest room, or you’ve finally decided to get the sewing machine out and need somewhere to work from home. Perhaps you’ve decided to set up a garden in your backyard. Whatever the reason, the only way to achieve your goals is to get rid of that junk fast by using a professional Chicago junk removal service. 

Professional Junk Clean Ups Are Safer

Junk can be sharp, rusty, heavy, and generally downright dangerous if you don’t plan your cleanup. A big enough pile of rubbish may collapse with catastrophic results if you don’t have the experience to handle it properly. 

Pick up a bulky item the wrong way, and there’s a good chance you could injure yourself. Sharp rusty nails are a hazard during an old fence removal and can mean an unscheduled trip to the emergency room if mishandled.

Backyard junk removal and cleanup services are trained to safely handle the removal of old sheds, fences, and heavy objects without putting themselves or anyone else in danger. 

Stay Out of Legal Trouble

Improperly disposing of specific materials and products like old batteries, paint, and other chemicals can put you in legal hot water. Plus, you will usually be putting the local environment and wildlife at risk by not disposing of them responsibly. 

Your local Chicago backyard clean up service already knows what to do with the materials you need to have cleared out and using their experienced services could save you a lot of legal headaches. 


One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. You may think that highly unlikely when you are looking at a collection of years’ worth of rubbish. However, old sheds, broken fences, and discarded electronics often have material and metals in them that you can recycle. 

Unless you know what to look for, you could be wasting a lot of material that can be reused or broken down to make new stuff. Old electronics also have precious metals manufacturers can use in new products, which is much better for the environment than digging more of it out of the ground. 

Rather than dumping it into a landfill and wiping your hands of it all, use the experience of your professional rubbish removal service to ensure that as much of your junk as possible is put to good use and properly recycled. 

Professional Junk Removal is Convenient

We all lead busy lives, and it can be challenging to prioritize a spring cleaning, especially if you have been so busy as to neglect it for a few years. Things likely got to their current state because you are so busy and finding time to fix the situation might be all but impossible. 

Fortunately, all it takes to get your spring cleaning underway is to pick up the phone and give your professional backyard Junk Removal crew a call. You take care of your business, and our backyard clean up service will have your place looking like new again.

They Can Handle Complex Jobs

Sheds and fences can be complex structures that need to be carefully processed when clearing them out. Our Chicago based, professional backyard clean up services understand step-by-step what needs to happen for sheds, fences, old decks, and pergolas to be dismantled, removed, and disposed of safely. 

They Have the Heavy Equipment

Large structures created from concrete, steel, and wood sometimes require serious tools to remove them. Plus, they are heavy, and there’s usually a lot of material to haul away for these large jobs. 

Not only will you need the proper tools, equipment, and vehicles, there’s a good chance you will need a valid license to operate them. Why go to all that hassle when there’s a more affordable and convenient backyard junk removal solution? 

Now that you know how safe and convenient Chicago junk removal and spring cleaning service is, it’s time to schedule your backyard clean up and get some use out of your outdoor space!


Joe Weidman

Joe is a Chicago native, born and raised in Elmhurst. He founded Junk Relief more than 10 years ago and has worked with more than 20,000 homeowners and businesses throughout Chicagoland. His passion for starting a business in junk removal stemmed from seeing the need to do things differently. He prides himself on his company's model to provide unexpectedly professional service.


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